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The German real estate
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Germany’s real estate market offers especially attractive and secure investment opportunities in an international comparison, in particular, the economically strong urban centres. Private and institutional investors can find excellent income and appreciation potential in real estate portfolios that are stable in value. The demand for residential space in major German cities is continuing to increase; there is a strong demand for investment opportunities in portfolio properties in particular. The STEINWERK GmbH targets the two centres of Berlin and Leipzig, with a focus on old buildings from different years of construction with primarily residential use.


Professional investment

The demands on asset management for real estate have increased. The STEINWERK GmbH administers assets and develops these profitable through investment in the real estate asset type. We primarily support private persons and families, in which comprehensive real estate support is at the centre as part of a “Family Office”. Our strengths include a network of professional and long-term operative project partnerships for the implementation of local projects, a high level of market knowhow and comprehensive expertise in the area of law and economics in Germany. Highly-qualified employees, who can recognize market trends, assume the task of searching for and analysing suitable real estate. Streamlined management structures enable short decision channels in this process, so that implementation can occur quickly and flexibly. As such, we develop tailor-made investment strategies with optimal results for our clients.

Business Areas

Only selected real estate in growth regions with sustainable development potential are considered for our portfolio. The investments take place through holdings in German project companies. Depending on the potential of the real estate and the desired investment, we distinguish between two investment cycles:

Project development

The investment is made in buildings over the short- to medium-term (2-4 years), which are optimized through renovation and/or extension over a fixed period for a re-sale. Our local project partners for the development of the acquired real estate are specialists with long-term experience, and who realize the project within a specified cost, quality and time framework. We work closely with out project partners, from project conception to project marketing, and remain flexible in all phases of the process. On the basis of sound analyses of the market & location, costs & risks, we monitor the project from the beginning to the successful re-sale.


Portfolio business

Long-term investments in property companies with an investment cycle of 2-10 years create portfolios with excellent rental and re-sale potential that ensure a sustainable return, through sustainable renovation, efficient residential space design and solvent tenant structure. We accompany and monitor the project development, assess optimization options such as expansion or additional construction and follow the requirements analyses in marketing of the residential units as rental properties. Our project partners are familiar with their city and the relevant site conditions, so that we can create realistic and sustainable profit forecasts.



The German capital has become a strong business location nationally and in Europe. Here, one can find traditional companies, a large mid-sized sector and young, up–and-coming industries that make Berlin into a dynamic growth area. Excellent universities and research institutions, a service sector that has expanded significantly over the past few years, and a wide range of cultural activities attract people for a variety of reasons: Berlin as an attractive area to live, as a creative centre for the media industry, among others, as a start-up Mecca with a good infrastructure, and for specialists through a developing job market in all lines of industry. Investors and companies are already benefitting today from the continued development of the city, and will continue to do so over the next few years. Berlin still has a lot to offer and is in a constant state of change.


Leipzig is the new “hotspot”, and will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2015. With the goal of becoming an internationally competitive metropolis with a European scope, the Leipzig region has gained numerous mid-sized and large-scale investments in the past few years – these successful companies include, among others, BMW, Porsche, DHL, Siemens and Vattenfall. A high-performance cargo airport, excellent living quality and cultural significance are only some of the factors that make the city a major innovation site in Europe. The population of this exhibition city is growing rapidly; the residents are young, well-qualified and dedicated. Leipzig offers the right mix for attractive investment opportunities with development potential. We observe the German market closely: we can well imagine the addition of further locations to our portfolio in the future.


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